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Wine Blogging Wednesday: Old world calling

If such a wonderful event as the Wine Blogging Wednesday is calling for articles about old world Rieslings, it’s time for the old world to participate. That’s why this is the first post on Gotorio in English. For all our readers who don’t know what we’re talking about: This is an event where all participating blogs on the same day write about the same subject. This time it’s “Old World Riesling”. Actually, we have something similar in the German blogosphere as well. It’s called Weinrallye and the next edition will feature Rosé on May 10th (if someone from abroad wants to join in). wbwlogo.jpg

Even though, as a German, I don’t like to be “the old world”. Hey, we’re modern, too! We even have blogs! But I have to admit, sometimes it’s good to be old world. Because that means, we care about traditional values. But as I just mentioned: time has changed here, too.

 In the wine world that means: German wine is back again. For so many years we had this sweet stuff which only masochists loved ,because the morning after the headache was more pain than any whip could produce. Then some vineries worked on their profile, especially to reacht the US-market. Suddenly we had great wines in the top segment.

Now we’re in a new era. Young winegrowers take over from their parents and produce a wider range of products with hip names and designer labels. German wine is finally fun again. In this category we just discovered the wonderful “Red Stone Riesling” by Gunderloch. 270420081223.jpg

Well, actually it was dicovered by our favorite shop here in Düsseldorf, called “Rot-Weiss”. Rarely we tasted a wine there, and we tasted quite a few glasses there, that we even liked so much more at home.

The “Red Stone” (2006) is a very smooth and elegant wine. You smell green apples and suspect just your normal day Riesling. But when you taste it, you are not hit but are shmoozed by apricot and quince. It has a little bit of acid and just a little bit of mineral. But both is mixed into pure harmony. So it fits wonderfully with roasted asparagus, goats cheese and pine nut.

We haven’t tried the “Red Stone” on our friends. But I have the feeling this is one of the rare wines, everyone could love. It’s not too complicated, so you can sip it away on the balcony. On the other hand it’s deep enough to be interesting for the afficionados.

It’s called “Red Stone”, because the vineyard sits on a red hill in Rheinhessen. Gunderloch is a good example for the new way of the German wine industry. It is a traditional winery which was slowly deteriorating. Then a new generation took over and changed a lot of things. For example they looked abroad for new customers. Yes, now we come to the best news of this article for you readers from the States: You can geht Gunderloch-wines, probably the “Red Stone”, too, at home.

Which, on the other hand, frightens us wine lovers in the old world: We’re afraid that you buy all the wonderful “Red Stone” and there’s nothing left for us.

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Thank you for joining us this month and for posting in English. Some great Riesling was tasted by more than 60 bloggers around the world. Watch my blog for the summary to be posted in the next few days.

Tim Elliott

Mai 9, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterTim Elliott

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